S2S Review: ‘Totally T-Boz’ premiere

    T-Boz kind of went solo for 2013 with the launch of her new show "Totally T-Boz."

    There hasn’t really been life after TLC for Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins because despite several serious health problems and one member dying, TLC is still going strong.

    With the 20th Anniversary of TLC upon us, though, T-Boz is trying to do two things at once as she commemorates her group and plots a few solo endeavors. Add to that the fact that she just moved all the way across the country, leaving Atlanta for the sunny beaches and top-notch studios of Los Angeles!  How’s she going to balance it all while adjusting to life on the West Coast? "Totally T-Boz" picks up just as Tionne tries to figure that out.

    Check out our review and watch the premire below!

    What We Love:
    – We love that TLC (the network) did a show about TLC (the group)!
    – T-Boz sang her theme song! We missed her voice.
    – Her energy is on 10 early in the morning.
    – It’s nice to see Tionne as a mom. It was a really mature decison for her to move to L.A., so her daughter Chase could be closer to her dad.

    – Getting Chase’s take on her mother’s fame was interesting.
    – T-Boz did a great job of introducing her inner circle.
    –  Chilli hasn’t been left out! She and Tionne still seem very close.
    – The show does a good job of illustrating the fact that TLC still needs an active manager even though they’re not doing any new music.
    – Tionne explained why "Waterfalls" and the video means more to her than just being TLC’s biggest hit.
    – Is T-Boz talking about a tour this summer?!
    – We LOVED Tionne’s makeup!
    – Tionne still does her shopping sprees on a smaller scale. That how we like to budget!
    – T-Boz seems to roll with surprises pretty well.
    – We really liked that Tionne’s confessionals were in the studio.
    – This isn’t T-Boz’s first attempt at doing a solo album, and nothing has stopped her from pursuing her dream.
    – T-Boz is trying to fit TLC into her new schedule of projects, and she trying to expand on her talents.

    What They Need To Work On:
    – T-Boz’s cousin Tae-Tae booked her for a gig without checking her schedule first!
    – Tionne yells…a LOT! We’re gonna need her to tone it down.
    – TLC’s manager made the tour seem like no big deal…and it definitely is for her.
    – Tara is trying to rationalize being a babymama.
    – Tara and Tae-Tae got into it on the phone. Who does that as an adult?
    – The "No Scrubs" contest was kind of whack.
    – That barber had no business being concerned about Tionne’s physique. A couple of laps around the shop  wouldn’t have killed him.
    – Chilli’s really not feeling T-Boz making TLC a part-time thing because it’s a major priority for her.
    – We really weren’t feeling Chilli’s guilt trip on Tionne. Not cool!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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