Brandy talks proposal and wedding plans

    Brandy is still so excited about getting engaged to Ryan Press that she hasn’t even started planning their wedding.

    Before her intended popped the question over the holidays, Brandy made it no secret to anyone that she was ready to settle down with him. That said, the proposal itself caught Brandy a little off guard.

    "It was a surprise, but I felt something was going to happen," Brandy told PopStop TV. "Your imagination does the actual moment no justice. I kept saying ‘Oh my God’ so many times I forgot to say yes."

    Brandy already had lots of reason to celebrate over the holidays. It’s been a very good year for the "Wildest Dreams" singer, whose comeback album Two Eleven hit #1. For her, getting engaged was the perfect way to wrap up 2012 before moving into 2013 and the next chapter of her life.

    “I’m very happy. I’m definitely on cloud 11," said Brandy, who admitted that she wasn’t sure she’d ever get married. "At one point I gave up on love, so to have this feeling—and for it to feel like the first time with the person I feel like God has created for me to be with—it’s just magical and I want it to stay like this.”

    Not leaving it up to chance, Brandy is already seeking out advice from any happily hitched couple she’s run into. So far there’s one piece of advice that keeps popping up.

    "Every married couple that we’ve been meeting over our vacation, I’ve just been asking them ‘So, what’s the secret?’" she revealed. "They’ve been giving me a lot of great tips. Communication is the key, clearly. We’re going to see how this thing goes."

    But what about the big day. It’s not clear when or where Brandy and Ryan are jumping the broom, but the siren is taking her loved ones into consideration during the planning process. If the happy couple wants everyone to attend their wedding, Brandy knows that means she might be getting married stateside.

    “We have a lot of homies that probably won’t come if we do a destination wedding, so we’re going to keep it as local as possible," Brandy explained with a laugh. "I’ve definitely been imagining it and thinking about what it’s gonna be like.”

    Brandy also took some time to congratulate Kim Kardashian on her baby news, stating, "I’m very happy for Kim and happy for Kanye [West]."


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    —Sonya Eskridge




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