Kandi Burruss clarifies ‘Sisterhood’ star’s Xscape membership

    Kandi Burruss is clearing up any confusion about when Ivy Couch of "The Sisterhood" was a member of Xscape.

    Most people can’t seem to remember how Ivy was ever part of the group that brought us such memorable hits as "Just Kickin’ It," "Understanding" and "Who Can I Run To?" Even the all-knowing Google only lists the original four members: Kandi, Tiny Harris, LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott.

    So, when "The Sisterhood" debuted Tuesday night, fans on Twitter looked to Kandi to give them a little reminder. "Got a lot of tweets bout Ivy from #SisterHood. She never was on any Xscape albums. Xscape was gonna reunite without me & she was my replacement," Kandi explained. 

    But Ivy isn’t the only link that "The Sisterhood" has to Xscape. Apparently, Kandi’s boyfriend also played a major role behind the scenes. "I gotta go home & watch SisterHood on TLC. My baby @Todd167 was the line producer for the show," Kandi tweeted earlier that night.

    According to Funky Dineva, Kandi was asked to sign over her rights to the group after declining several requests to participate in an Xscape reunion. Ivy was one of three replacements recruited to fill in for Kandi.

    Supposedly, Ivy’s run with the group was short but not so sweet as she may have had some issues with LaTocha and Tamika. It’s rumored that Ivy only did a couple of performances as part of the group after management tried to style her hair similar to Kandi’s



    —Sonya Eskridge




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