Tia describes first moments with baby Aden

    A little more than a month after his birth, Tia Mowry-Hardrict recalls when she first caught a glimpse of nephew Aden Housley.

    “Seeing you hold Aden for the first time brought me to tears. I was in awe of how content, happy and peaceful you were holding your little baby boy for the first time,” Tia wrote to her sister and new mom Tamera Mowry-Housley in an open letter.

    Tia’s son, Cree, is approaching his terrible twos, and the “Instant Mom” star said seeing her sister’s delivery reminded her of her own pregnancy.

    “It was like looking in the mirror. I remember thinking to myself! ‘Wow, this is what I must have looked like! What an amazing picture!’” wrote Tia who was with her sister in the hospital room when Aden arrived.

    Tia, who’s shared advice with Tamera and the world in her book Oh, Baby!, commended Tamera on being stylish and poised while giving birth.

    “You handled your birthing process with such grace and beauty. While doing so, you looked so beautiful with your braided up bohemian signature styled hair and let’s not forget that sexy black hospital gown! Can you say HOT MAMA!!” wrote Tia.

    Fans may get to catch a glimpse of Tamera’s delivery-room look on "Tia & Tamera," but the sisters are careful about exactly how much they let reality TV cameras reveal. Viewers may remember that cameras weren’t allowed to film Tamera’s wedding ceremony.

    Many of the twins’ fans are hoping they’ll get to see as much of Aden’s first year as they have Cree’s. That remains to be seen, but in lieu of that, Tia offered a good description of how her first meeting with Aden went.

    “When you handed little A to me, I too was in awe and at peace,” she wrote. “I have a nickname for him already. Chunk munk. All I could do was kiss him over and over and over again!”

    See more on the sisters’ official blog: http://www.tiaandtameraofficial.com




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    —Tracy L. Scott


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