Trey Songz talks ‘Texas Chainsaw’

    Singer Trey Songz is multi-talented. Not only can he sing and charm a woman with his onstage swagger, the crooner can also act, as moviegoers will see for themselves when he co-stars in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, opening Friday.

    Trey talked to Sister 2 Sister about his horror film debut, learning to scream like a man and whether there’s a special woman in his life. Check it out below.



    Stephanie: Can you tell me about your character [in Texas Chainsaw] and what you had to do to prepare for the role?
    Trey: Well, Ryan is Heather’s boyfriend. You know, the story is based around her. She was preparing for a vacation and the vacation turned into inheriting a mansion actually, her grandmother’s house. You know, I’m willing to take the trip with her in support of her. Pretty laid back guy. The thing about it, on the parts where, you know, it’s a little scary, the thing about being a man and being in these scary films as an actor you have to walk a fine line of being petrified and still being a man that can take control of the situation.

    Stephanie: Right.
    Trey: You know, that was the most preparing I had to do mentally. They would shoot with 3D cameras and sometimes it would take a long time to load. There would be a lot of time in between certain shots. So if I was supposed to be out of breath, I would run until they were ready.

    Stephanie: Oh, okay.
    Trey: When I would have to scream as loud as I can I would try to do it in a manly way where as though I’m frustrated, aggravated, like “What the f_ck!?!” versus (laughs)…

    Stephanie: That’s interesting. This is a continuation of the original story, right?
    Trey: Yeah. Actually I had seen the remakes but the original I wasn’t familiar with. So I watched it before we began filming and I had already read the script, of course. So to see the way that it tied into the script, the way it was infused, was amazing. You know, because I seen the remakes before and they totally restructured and reformatted the whole story. This one will be true to the fans that have been there forever and it stands alone as well.

    Stephanie: Right. Alright, you know I have to ask, what’s your status? You still single?
    Trey: Yeah. I’m actually so busy with this life. I been on tour for two months now. Actual physical, like, shows every day. But even outside of that, I been on the road for the last three or four years.

    Stephanie: That’s crazy.
    Trey: I don’t have time to give attention to myself, you know, to bring someone else into that. I have people I’m interested in and I am dating. But I haven’t found the one yet.

    Stephanie: Okay.
    Trey: And I don’t think it’s cool to just, you know, have a girlfriend because society thinks you should.

    Get more from Trey in the March 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    See Trey in the movie trailer below.

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