T.O. finished court-ordered Goodwill job

    Trouble continues to mount for former NFL star Terrell Owens, who, most recently, was ordered to work at Goodwill due to missed child support payments.

    The order came as a reprimand after Terrell was held in contempt and forced to perform community service for missing child support payments to one of his baby’s mothers, Kimberly Floyd, according to TMZ.

    Terrell put in 8 hours at a Los Angeles area Goodwill store.

    The former Pro Bowler still owes child support to multiple babies’ mothers dating back to 2011.

    This is just the latest in a string of problems that have plagued Terrell over the past couple of years. Terrell was cut by the National Football League, and even released from the Indoor Football League, where his most talked about accomplishment was skipping out on a meet-and-greet event at a Dallas area children’s hospital.

    Shortly thereafter T.O. was given a severance payment of $50 by the Allen Wranglers, after the team decided his antics were not worth the ticket sales.

    Terrell’s personal life does not look to be in much better shape either. After breaking down in tears on his, since cancelled VH1 reality show, he went on the “Dr. Phil Show” where he was publicly called out by three of his babymamas for failing to take care of his fatherly responsibilities.

    With his chances of making an NFL roster at slim to none, his fans are hoping T.O. can find some way to catch up on his child support.

    —Jacob Rohn
    twitter: @jsrohn


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