Joe Budden talks ‘Love & Hip Hop’

    Joe Budden has nothing to hide, and that will not change when he makes his debut on "Love & Hip Hop" tonight!

    After Jim Jones and Chrissy Lampkin left the show at the end of season 2, Joe Budden will be stepping up as the main male lyricist on "LHH" tonight. With two previous cycles (and a wildy successful Atlanta spin-off) to show’s credit, wanted to know if the Joe had any concerns about joining "LHH."

    "No, not at all. Joe Budden will be Joe Budden no matter where he is," he stated.

    And he didn’t seem to have any reservations about what viewers might see him doing on camera, either. For the rapper, it’s all part of the entertainment game. "With reality TV, it’s their job to put you in certain situations and film your reactions, but I react well," Joe reasoned. "I think this season will show a side to me that people don’t necessarily know too well. I’m—90 percent of the time—calm, cool and collected."

    One of the situations "LHH" fans will see Joe in tonight is a reconciliation gone wrong between him and ex-girlfriend, Tahiry Jose. While Joe was thinking they could work on being friends after five years together, Tahiry wasn’t trying to hear it.

    Joe’s current girfriend Kaylin Garcia was onhand for the "Love & Hip Hop" premiere party on Thursday night, so she saw the heated exchange as it played on the screen. According to Joe, though, it didn’t really phase her. "She didn’t say anything. There is nothing that I don’t share with her and she has a career as well," he said.

    When asked if Kaylin was cool with him trying to become friends with his previous love, he said she was fine with it. "Hell yeah. Me and Tahiry have an extensive history, albeit in a different capacity, but there’s never anything wrong with wanting a friendship with somebody that you were once friends with," Joe said. "My girl is pretty secure—more than you see in women, as far as exes go."

    He continued, "We’re both like that. She speaks to her ex-boyfriends and I could care less. You trust the person you’re with. You don’t trust anyone else but you trust the person you’re with because you’re supposed to."

    Undoubtedly, with Joe, Tahiry and Kaylin in the picture, it’s very possible that producers may try to present the situation as a love triangle. Joe doesn’t really see it that way, though.

    "I don’t know if I’m in a love triangle. It’s very simple for me," he said, pointing out that he’s not trying to get with Tahiry as some might assume. "I have my girlfriend who I am with daily and who I am very much in love with. I have my ex-girlfriend who I love dearly and I have a friend. Just a friend. No intimacy."

    Get a peek at some pics from the season 3 premiere party for "Love & Hip Hop" when you flip through the slideshow below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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