‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 1.7.13

    Kandi: “This is the picture perfect life I always wanted”

    Things are going well between Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker.  The two have moved in and Kandi decides to go furniture shopping with Porsha Stewart, who served as interior decorator for her own home.

    While Porsha doesn’t even bother to look at receipts when she picks out décor (with the exception of lamps), Kandi clarifies that she “balls on a budget.”

    It makes sense that Porsha and Kandi forge a friendship. Porsha has repeatedly stated that she’s living a picture perfect life, and Kandi believes she’s on her way to that.

    “Things are going really good,” she said in reference to her relationship with Todd Tucker. “This is the picture perfect life that I always wanted.”

    Since her relationship is going so well, Kandi felt compelled to offer some love advice to Kenya Moore, who she accompanied to a magazine photo shoot.

    “She’s putting everything into Walter,” noted Kandi, who suggested Kenya “re-evaluate” that relationship.

    Phaedra: “Walter enjoys the company of our husbands”

    Phaedra Parks attended Cynthia Bailey’s bon voyage party for NeNe Leakes and wasn’t at all surprised that Kenya Moore’s beau, Walter Jackson, wasn’t around.

    “Walter enjoys the company of our husbands more than hers,” said Phaedra, who may or may not have already been aware of rumors that Walter is gay.

    Kenya did little to refute the rumors when she complained to Walter about his questionable behavior, or lack thereof, in Anguilla.

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