‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 1.7.13

    Kenya: “He’s just not man enough for me”

    Kenya Moore is in tears talking to her aunt about Walter Jackson, who her aunt initially liked as a partner for her niece.

    However, Kenya shares with “RHOA” fans that things between her and Walter are not right. When the two were in Anguilla, Kenya stepped into the shower and was later joined by Walter. A flag (and little else) was raised for Kenya when Walter exited the bathroom, got into bed and barely even looked at her.

    “I really don’t know who he is right now, and I’d like to know where we stand,” said Kenya, who decided to get to the bottom of things while the two were out fishing.

    Unfortunately for Kenya, Walter didn’t seem too interested in talking about their issues. He did admit that something was broken, and for him, Anguilla may have been the beginning of the end.

    Walter complained about being pressured to propose to Kenya, who once again clarified that she didn’t want any man who didn’t want her.

    Either Kenya really is delusional, or Walter said a lot of encouraging things to Kenya that viewers didn’t see. The 40-something clearly doesn’t want to waste her time in a dead-end relationship. So, her investment in Walter suggests that he assured her their romance was leading to marriage. However, that apparently changed.

    In the end, Kenya decided whatever was broken between the two couldn’t be fixed. While Walter continued to fish with an uncomfortable grin on his face, Kenya decided to cast her bait elsewhere.

    “This is not the guy for me,” she said.

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