‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 1.8.13


    Things may not have worked out between Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose, but he still wants to be friends. Their first meeting on Monday’s show didn’t end so well, though, with Tahiry storming off after nearly flipping a table in his face!

    That said, Joe was not going to give up so easily. He made another effort to at least be cool with his former girlfriend of five years when he showed up at the restaurant where she works as a waitress. Most women would not be cool with their ex just popping up on the job, but Tahiry seemed to handle it well.

    By the end of his visit, Joe had convinced her to come to his place for a little pool party.

    Mendeecees wants a bigger place

    New mom Yandy Smith wasn’t exactly taking it easy right before giving birth to her son. The music manager was busy running around her place unpacking all the gifts she racked up at her baby shower while her babydaddy/beau Mendeecees kicked back to play a video game.

    For a man that was about to welcome a new child, he didn’t seem particularly pressed to get his house in order for the baby. Instead, he must have thought "logic be dammed" because his solution to the problem was to go house hunting.

    This was not what Yandy wanted to hear—especially after he bailed on the babyshower to go clubbing, leaving her to haul presents up to her place with the help of her father. Now, all she wanted was for him to help her unpack and he wasn’t budging. Oh, boy. What does this say about their future? 


    Look at all these rumors

    Joe wasn’t the only person that Tahiry was at odds with on Monday night. The model also met up with former friend Raqi Thunda.  Long story short, the ladies were just getting to know each other when Tahiry became suspicious of Raqi’s intentions for Joe. Supposedly, Tahiry had also heard that Raqi was talking about her behind her back.

    Instead of confronting the situation—and Raqi—head-on, Tahiry just stopped talking to her. Fed up with being ignored, Raqi asked her former friend to meet up just to hash it out.

    Yeah, that didn’t go so well. Tahiry feels like Raqi used her to get to Joe, but Raqi doesn’t see anything wrong with befriending the model’s then-boyfriend.


    Trouble in paradise

    Erica Mena is obviously in love with Rich Dollaz…or at least she likes him enough to get a tattoo of his first initial. Rich, however, doesn’t seem to be on the same page.

    Rich had a little trouble defining their relationship to Olivia, so she sat down with the couple to see what’s really going on. Imagine Erica’s surprise when she found out that Olivia didn’t even know they were together.

    Although the chat was Rich’s idea, he was not pleased with the outcome. Neither was Erica, considering that she stomped off. With what we’ve seen so far, we’re not really surprised that Olivia doesn’t have a lot of faith in Rich and Erica’s relationship.


    It is not a game

    Joe wanted to try and break the ice and get down the heart of the beef with Raqi and Tahiry in a fun way. We’re not sure how to keep a confrontation light-hearted, but Joe attempted to get the ladies to settle their differences in a game of "Truth or Truth" (aka "Truth or Dare" without the dares).

    Instead of everyone calmly coming to a resolution, Tahiry threw a drink (again) and Raqi was left in tears as Joe escorted her off of his property. What a way to start off what’s sure to be a drama-filled season.


    —Sonya Eskridge


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