S2S review: ‘Deception’

    Meagan Good busted out her detective skills for the premiere of NBC’s "Deception." Watch the premiere and get our opinion on the show.

    Meagan may not be putting out fires in Washington, D.C., but she is definitely handling her business on "Deception." We first heard about Meagan’s new show, then titled "Notorious," back in March.

    Back then all anyone knew about the show was that she’d be playing an undercover cop trying to solve her best friend’s mysterious death. But the bigger mystery was when the show would actually make it to air! For months, news about the cast and promotional videos continued to roll in, but no air date was ever announced until last month.

    Last night, we found that good things definitely come to those who wait, because "Deception" served as a strong anchor show for NBC’s Monday night lineup.

    What We Loved:
    - Meagan Good got tough! It’s good to see her in a role that is so different from her usual castings.
    - Laz Alonso looks as fine as ever.
    - The kids popping pills on the Alice in Wonderland statue was not lost on us.
    - "Deception" brought up a bunch of mysteries outside of who killed Vivian. 
    - This show is definitely not another "Scandal," and they’re not scheduled on conflicting nights.
    - Victor Garber did a great job as the family patriarch, Robert Bowers.
    - The casting for most of the parts was very fitting, and Ella Rae Peck plays the role of annoying over-priviliged teen with ease.
    - The main plot moved along quickly, and it always kept you guessing.
    - The writers are setting up an interesting love triangle.
    - The house was gorgeous.
    - Meagan seemed very natural in her role, and she doesn’t have to be a vixen to make it work.
    - Why did the show have to include a sex tape?!

    What They Need To Work On:
    - There was no build up to the new relationship between Joanna and Will.
    - We would have liked to see a little more about Vivian and Joanna’s friendship.
    - It’s not clear in what capacity Joanna’s mom worked for the Bowers, but we recall one synopsis mentioning that she was the family maid.
    - You can already kind of tell that Edward Bowers’ character is a jerk of the highest order. 


    Watch the premiere of "Deception" below and tell us what you think! 


    —Sonya Eskridge




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