T-Boz revisits TLC hostage situation

    T-Boz said the incident in which she and her TLC counterparts held Clive Davis hostage at Arista Records was downplayed.

    The singer revisited the dramatic situation that transpired after the trio realized it wasn’t getting its monetary due.

    “They made $75 million,” she explained. “We only got like $50,000 a piece and after taxes and paying everybody, it was about $15,000 for each girl. So, we had to kinda go up there and be like, ‘Hey. Who has our money?’”

    The ladies didn’t storm the castle alone. T-Boz said they brought some muscle with them in the form of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ former inmates.

    “We got the girls who Lisa was locked up with for burning down the house … all her cellmates. She made friends that year. We rolled up to Arista and the limo driver was our getaway car,” T-Boz told "Access Hollywood." “They tried to play it down.”

    Looking back on it, T-Boz realizes that things could have gotten out of hand for the group, but lucky for them, they got what they wanted.

    “We wanted to know who had our money. Long story short, police came. We didn’t get arrested, and we got our money,” said T-Boz, who ended up receiving “millions” after that incident, but not everything she felt she was owed.

    Watch T-Boz explain it all below.

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    —Tracy L. Scott



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