Victoria’s Secret trainer reveals fitness secrets

    Get ready to hit the beach with a runway-ready body with a few simple tips from Victoria’s Secret’s resident trainer.

    We just rang in 2013, but swimsuit season is right around the corner. After all the delectable holiday goodies you’ve been consuming since Thanksgiving (ok…Halloween), getting your body back to normal is not going to happen overnight. And if you made a holiday resolution to trim down, you’ve got even more work to do.

    Lucky for you, Anja Garcia let Style Blazer in on a few of the tricks that get Angels ready for flight down the Victoria Secret runway. For people that don’t have a lot of time to work out, like new moms, she suggests sticking to the basics with an emphasis on intensity.

    "Simple moves like pushups, bodyweight squats, and lunges done in fast succession without a break will tone the arms, thighs, and glutes to get their heart rates up to burn fat," Anja told "My DailyBurn Inferno workout program is a high intensity workout that tones and burns fat at the same time to help lose inches fast."

    And if you want to really want to trim your tummy and legs, Anja said, "Exercises like mountain climbers, planks, and sit-ups on a stability ball target abs, while lunges and bodyweight squats help tone the thighs.”

    Some of those same moves can be found in Anja’s DailyBurn workout, which is engineered to  make you sweat. And we don’t mean a light sheen, either. If you’re already working out and have hit a plateau in your weight loss, Anja said her daily burn might be just thing you need to break through that wall. “If you are plateauing, don’t give up! That just means it’s time to shake up your workout routine. Try a high intensity workout routine," the VS trainer said.

    But getting in shape isn’t just about the gym, you’ve also got to get fit in the kitchen. Plenty of people look for quick-trim diets and pills, but Anja advises that you steer clear of solutions that seem too easy. "Don’t follow fad diets," she stated. "Remember that the models are getting ready for a show, and that they spend most of the year eating a healthy diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables, water and healthy fats."

    She reiterated, "Don’t crash diet, because you will rebound and gain all of the weight back. Instead, stick to a diet that is free of inflammatory foods and high in antioxidants year round, and you’ll really be eating like a Victoria’s Secret angel.”

    One other major challenge of losing weight is what to do with your clothes. No one wants to throw away the pieces that fit them perfectly, and who can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe every time you shrink a size? To remedy this problem,  Anja said your best bet is the get a wardrobe that is adjustable.

    "Stock up on leggings, which are cute enough to wear under a dress, or a long sweater. Because they are stretchy, they will still fit no matter how much weight you lose," said Anja. "Also, stock up on cute belts and cinch in your tops and dresses with belts as you lose weight to accentuate your brand-new waistline!”



    —Sonya Eskridge




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