Kenya is glad she’s done with Walter

    There’s no doubt that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” newbie Kenya Moore has been at the center of the drama this season, but now to top it all off, she’s finally decided to call her “relationship” quits.

    Viewers saw the former Miss USA end the relationship with boyfriend Walter Jackson on the latest episode, and she says she feels relieved now that her relationship with Walter is over.

    “No one should settle for a relationship for the sake of being in one. Once I moved to Atlanta the relationship was flushed out. I saw Walter for who he really is and his intentions were false. I’m glad it’s over,” she told

    It seems everyone and their mamas knew he wasn’t going to marry her, but it took her a little more time to realize it herself. She said the two of them are no longer in contact, and he was “not a good person” to her. Go figure. (Might we remind you when Walter put her on blast and revealed their relationship was fake last month on V103 in Atlanta?)

    The “Gone With the Wind fabulous” originator said she felt deceived by Walter and that he wasn’t truthful with her.

    “Relationships don’t work out all the time,” she said.

    In Kenya’s latest Bravo blog titled “Good Riddance, Walter,” she expresses how she has always been the “noncommittal” person in her relationships, and she so desperately wanted to break that spell in her relationship with Walter that she ignored all the warning signs.

    “I was so focused on making the relationship work that I lost the one important counsel that I always give to other women: Look to a man’s actions and not his words. I am embarrassed but I hope that all women can learn from the mistakes I’ve made in love.”

    She said she’s actually excited to be single again, and calls her failed relationship a blessing in disguise. 

    “I don’t go backwards, only forwards with my actions,” she said.

    —Kimberley Glascoe

    Was Kenya’s pressure the reason her relationship ended or was that just an excuse for Walter to bail? Post your feedback below.

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