Shawty Lo explains his situation

    Shawty Lo said it was his status as a drug dealer that brought the women and the stork to his door.

    Of course it’s not all Shawty Lo’s fault that he has 11 children by 10 women. After making money as a drug dealer, the women wouldn’t leave him alone.

    “When the money came, a lot of women came. I wasn’t trying to have babies, but once you know, I was talking to these women and once you feel like this girl was your girlfriend, the rubber probably came off,” he told MTV.

 Pregnancies don’t always result in actual childbirth, but Shawty said his girlfriends weren’t interested in voluntary terminations.

    “I was the most popular dude in the street, and they would not have an abortion. They would just take the money and run with it,” he said of the dough he provided for the procedures.

    Though not all his children were planned, Shawty said he does take care of his kids … all 11 of them. He’s also been able to sustain good relationships with his babymamas, with the exception of one.

    “I just have problems outta one,” he said. “She got two kids by me, and she feel like I’m supposed to do more for her kids.”

    Despite that one minor issue, Shawty handles it all.

    “There are a lot of fathers who don’t take care of one. I gotta take care of 11. I gotta take care of nine girls and two boys,” he counted.

    If Oxygen network has its way, viewers will be able to see just how Shawty deals with it all when the reality show “All My Babies’ Mamas” premieres. However, some members of the Black community have already launched a boycott to keep the program from airing.

    Shawty didn’t address the backlash surrounding the series, but he reasoned that he’s doing the right thing being in his kids’ lives. That will be evident if the show ever airs.

    “You can hate all you want to. I didn’t ask for it, it just happened. Now that it happened, I’m supposed to turn my back against it? If I wasn’t taking care of my kids, then y’all would really dog me out,” he said.

    Get Shawty Lo’s fatherly advice below. Watch.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Does Shawty Lo have a point? Should more people be commending him for taking responsibility for the kids he didn’t ask for? Leave your comments below.

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