Gregg Leakes explains the divorce

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    Gregg Leakes hasn’t had enough of his good thing, NeNe, and the two are planning to get remarried soon.

    While fans are beyond ecstatic to see the two lovebirds flying high again, their upcoming nuptials beg the question: Why did they divorce in the first place?

    Gregg spoke to S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown about why the two decided to go through with the divorce even though their love never died.

    Check out the excerpt and get more in the January 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    Jamie: Why did you all go on and get the divorce? Because you were still together. You were still friends. The friendship thing is powerful.
    Gregg: Well, the day we got divorced we went to dinner that night.

    Jamie: [laughter]
    Gregg: I think the divorce was necessary for NeNe to find closure to that specific part of her life that needed some closure. It’s just like a snowball rolling down a hill. Once it gets momentum, it’s very hard to stop it. Even though somebody would say you just stop it, easier said than done. At that particular time the divorce just happened. It went through. But every day prior to it, every day after it, even though we had bumps and disagreements and everything of that nature, we never unplugged from each other. We never ceased loving each other.


    Check out the excerpt and get more in the January 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

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