Wendy Williams predicts divorce for LaLa Anthony?

    Wendy Williams doesn’t have a lot of faith in LaLa Anthony’s marriage.

    Calling LaLa Camelo’s "soon-to-be ex-wife" Wendy caught up her audience on Carmelo’s short-lived beef with Kevin Garnett, which started when Kevin supposedly said that LaLa "tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios."

    At first, Wendy was perplexed about why Carmelo would get so upset over the comment and nearly come to blows with his opponent at the Knicks-Celtics game on Monday night. "I’m not even thinking that Kevin knows that LaLa tastes like Cheerios; I just think that it was a weird thing to say," Wendy said.

    Well, according to the New York Daily News, LaLa and Carmelo’s marriage may be on the rocks. Reportedly, the couple have been living separately for about two months. Beyond that, the couple is said to have spent New Year’s Eve apart.

    Taking all these variables into consideration, Wendy doesn’t seem to think LaLa’s union will last much longer.  "LaLa, I will share this with, and take this in the best way," Wendy prefaced, "If you get divorced, know this: You’ve still got more than most."

    She added, "When you get divorced, you’ve got half of his money, you’re still young enough to start a whole ‘nother family and your son is gorgeous."   

    On the chance that the couple’s marriage is still intact, Wendy surmised that it was nothing more than a ploy to drum up buzz for the new season of "LaLa’s Full Court Life."

    "I beg of you to stop doing reality TV—by the way, your show is corny, too," Wendy said. "I’m not a fan of Lala’s reality show because I always feel like she’s trying to keep up with Kim Kardashian."

    Check out Carmelo and Kevin brawling when you flip through Daily Buzz 1.9.13 below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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