Coco pictured with AP.9 again

    Suggestive new shots of Coco Austin hanging out with AP.9 and another man are causing a new round of trouble for the reality star.

    Shortly after making amends with long-time husband Ice-T in regards to inappropriate photographs of herself and rapper AP.9, Coco is back in the hot seat as more provocative pictures have surfaced.
    In the newly surfaced photos, Coco allows Moose Diesel, friend of AP.9 and known face of the Las Vegas nightlife scene, to touch her butt while she throws a seductive look back at the camera, confirming that she approved the gesture to be photographed.
    Moose posted the shot on his Instagram account six weeks ago with a caption reading, “My boyhood dream was fulfilled last night when @cocosworld (Coco) let me grab her booty.”
    With the new picture catching notice on the web, Coco recently out to Moose via Twitter last week. She asked that he remove the photo from the social site as she felt it was "not a good look.”
    Moose took to Instagram, refusing to take the photo down and telling Coco, “It’s not a good look for you, not me. You knew what you were doing when you took the pic.”
    Since several questionable pictures of Coco posing suggestively with AP.9 surfaced in early December, she has apologized to Ice-T. The couple, married since 2001, have been working things out in their relationship.
    However, along with Moose’s pic, another shot of her and AP.9 has cropped up. The new shot was taken at Haze Nightclub on the same night she was photographed with Moose. AP.9 supposedly told that Coco was at the club on a date with him that night. The rapper also alleged that he and Coco had a “steamy one night stand.” And to confirm his statement, AP.9 claims that he is willing to take a polygraph test.
    Neither Coco nor Ice-T have taken to their social media pages to share their feelings about these recent allegations as of yet.

    Scroll down to see the handsy new pics of Coco with AP.9 and Moose.

    Coco Being a Whore

    Ice & Coco Can't Make This Go Away




    —Jordane Frazier




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