Marlon Wayans is Team Tyler

    While some Black filmmakers have nothing but criticism for Tyler Perry and his movies, Marlon Wayans gives the Madea creator props.

    "That man works his a$$ off. Never mind what people want to say about his creativity, his business-sense is immaculate and people need to look at that," Marlon told Power 105.1 radio station.

    Marlon and his equally famous brothers have an entertainment empire of their own, but the A Haunted House star admitted that he and his siblings could learn a few things from Tyler whose critics have taken issue with his somewhat stereotypical depictions of Black life.

    "If you look at his business, he’s a trailblazer. You gotta give it up," said Marlon who seems to disagree with one of Tyler’s most vocal critics, filmmaker Spike Lee. "I love you Spike, but just watch what this boy is doing."

    It’s been quite some time since comedian Marlon starred on the big screen. His new comedy A Haunted House recently hit theaters and he told that the film is unlike the other “bullsh*t” parodies in the last decade.

    “I don’t think [other filmmakers] know how to do it, what they do is just a bunch of sketches. You got to make a movie, and when you make a movie, there has to be a story,” said the youngest Wayans.

    Marlon is confident that the horror-comedy will be at the level of Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2, which he and his brother Shawn Wayans produced. The actor explained that he was forced out of the franchise and took it upon himself to create the new project.

    “We did Scary Movie one and two,” said Marlon who refers to those two as "the funny ones."

    After producing those to blockbuster hits, the studio took over. “They went and did three and four, and then five; I mean they got Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, and Heather Locklear. It looked like an episode of ‘Celebrity Rehab,’” Marlon told Wendy Williams.

    Get more from Marlon in the January 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    Watch more of Marlon’s interview below.


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    —Gianna Banner

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