‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 1.14.13

    Kenya: “I don’t work for free”

    Seriously. Can Kenya Moore catch a break? Granted, no one wanted to give her one when she first entered the scene causing havoc at Cynthia Bailey’s modeling agency; however, after the heartbreaking demise of her relationship with Walter Jackson, it’s painful to see her professional life in shambles, too.

    The actress and producer meets with Phaedra Parks about her “Donkey Booty” DVD idea, and she’s apparently done some work to help get the project off the ground. Among other things, Kenya has set up a distribution deal and found a possible location for the workout routine to be taped.

    Though her efforts are appreciated, Phaedra isn’t impressed. She’s more worried about Kenya using her name around town, than she is grateful for the former Miss USA’s efforts.

    While Kenya thinks 10 percent of the DVD’s profits is due her, Phaedra disagrees, and the attorney questions whether they can continue to work together. As a matter of fact, Phaedra’s already looking into other options, having contacted Kandi Burruss’ boo, Todd Tucker, about him producing the project.

    Sidebar: What was up with Kenya’s cousin’s revelation that Walter once asked her out on a date? Isn’t that info you’d like you kin to share before you relocate to Atlanta to be with him? Hmmmm.

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