Karrine Steffans got pregnant by Lil Wayne?

    Was Karrine Steffans almost one of Lil Wayne’s babymamas? It’s a possibility.

    In a new trailer for her upcoming book, How To Make Love To A Martian, the author gets introspective about coming clean with a major secret: She’s pregnant by her lover.

    "It had all come to this. I’d been with him so long. There was no way I would leave him for my husband," Karrine recites in the video. "There was no way I would settle for a life without him, but no way I would settle for a life with him."

    In the new trailer for How To Make Love To A Martian, she seems to be falling back on her old profession by showing off some of her assets. Contemplating endless nights on the road with Weezy "surrounded by a pool of women," a scantily claid Karrine tosses and turns before sticking her butt in the camera.

    While contemplating which path to follow in life, she brings up the real crux of the matter, asking herself, "This baby in my stomach, this secret, how would I tell my husband? How would I tell my lover? My martian." 

    Although Karrine’s book has been pegged as "an interpersonal literary project," it’s presumed to be somewhat biographical. In that case the most recent trailer for How To Make Love To A Martian is leaving many to wonder whether Karrine almost had a child with Wayne.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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