Shawty Lo petitons to save show

    Shawty Lo is fighting to save his show "All My Babies’ Mamas" after it got axed from Oxygen.

    Several different opinions have stemmed over the cancelation of rapper, Shawty Lo’s Oxygen Network reality series, “All My Babies’ Mamas.” Is it positive or negative?

    In a recent interview at Hot 107.9 in Atlanta, the 34-year-old rapper says the show is "nothing by positive" as it profiles the relationships between himself and his 11 kids and 10 babymamas.

    “The show wasn’t about, ‘We finna be fighting,” he said.  “A lot of fathers don’t take care of one child or be there with their child.  I’m hands-on. My kids love their father.”

    But after the release of a 13-minute pilot back in December, a petition claiming the show was stereotypical and disrespectful to the Black community circulated the web gaining about 40,000 signatures.

    Responding more to the public’s opinion than that of the show’s star, The Oxygen Network, a network built on positive programming geared toward women, decided to pull the plug on the series Tuesday.

    Though the show has indeed been canceled, Shawty has gained support as a counter-petition has been launched on to reinstate the airing of the reality show. The petition asked the question, “Would you rather see 11 children struggle with mothers on welfare? Or watch a man support his children?”

    Comments suggest that the “they know” rapper has even gained the support of uber-conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh. Rush stated, “Not everybody can live in a house with a picket fence. This is not fair.”

    Though the pilot was not as successful as he hoped, Shawty said he “understands the concern,” but that he feels the public definitely got the wrong impression.




    —Jordane Frazier




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