Celebrity Closet Raid: Angela Simmons



    Angela Simmons welcomed S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown into her closet to give fashionistas everywhere a look at her fabulous rags.

    Of course Angela loves to dress in designs by her talented and famous counterparts, such as Stella McCartney and Bottega Vonetta. However, she also loves rocking fashions she creates.

    "The most valuable thing for me in my closet is a dress I designed for my birthday this year. It’s a gown," said Angela, noting that she’s not afraid to repeat outfits and wear them more than one time.

    That’s not to suggest it’s all about the greatest designers for Angela. She keeps her wardrobe fresh and unique by adding some vintage flare.

    "I do a lot of vintage and boutique shopping. On top of having designer stuff, it’s really important to mix and match," she said.

    Find out more about what’s in Angela’s closet now. Watch.




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    See photos from Angela’s closet raid below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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