Evelyn takes blame for her own image

    It wasn’t easy for Evelyn Lozada to deal with all the naysayers who blamed her for the domestic incident that took place between her and ex-husband Chad Johnson.

    However, the “Basketball Wives” star told Vibe that she understands how her behavior on the popular VH1 show may have led some to question whether she may have provoked the Chad.

    “I felt like I was getting blamed for the incident happening,” she shared. “That’ what most people connect me with, especially with last season.”

    On the “BBW” season 4, fans watched as Evelyn’s customary violence got turned up a notch. She’d been in tussles with co-stars Royce Reed and Tami Roman before and when attacked former friend Jennifer Williams, it outraged many viewers.

    Evelyn has since vowed to turn over a new leaf and has sought the help of TV life coach Iyanla Vanzant. That’s helped her take stock of her life and that fiery personality that sometimes got out of hand.

    “I take full responsibility for putting this perception of me out there; that I argue and I just fight,” said Evelyn who assured she “didn’t do anything” to provoke Chad that infamous day in August.

    Evelyn expressed a bit of gratitude to her ex for helping dispel that rumor.

    “He did an interview and he was honest and real, and I felt finally relieved that he said I didn’t have anything to do what happened that way, and he took full responsibility,” she said.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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