Tamar Braxton learning to keep quiet?

    The outspoken, say-it-like-she-means-it Tamar Braxton is learning that she has to be careful about what she says.

    Although she’s known as the Braxton sister who always speaks her mind, recent backlash and comments she made about a fellow reality star have caused her to reconsider being so quick to express every thought.

    “I’m not going in on people,” Tamar told the DJs at Power 105.1. The reality star promised not to be so hard on her fellow celebrities, especially after realizing how she hurt the feelings of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez.

    “I was actually speaking about what everybody else was saying,” Tamar said in defense of calling Joseline a man. “I didn’t really take into consideration that she has feelings."

    Considering Tamar’s own experiences with bullying, the “Love & War” singer said she should have known better.

    “I used to get bullied. I use to really get my feelings hurt. It was tough for me,” said the youngest Braxton who immediately recognized that she’d offended Joseline.

    “I was like, ‘Oh, she’s hurt. So, I’m sorry,’” said Tamar whose husband Vincent Herbert is also encouraging her to watch what she says.

    “I tell Tamar sometime that … she can’t speak all the time what she feels,” said Vince who admitted that the format of “Tiny Tonight,” the talk show Tamar co-hosts, lends itself to that kind of gossip.

    “That’s what girlfriends do when they sit around,” said Vince.

    Fans may get to see the new, more verbally responsible, Tamar when her shows return to WE tv.

    “We’re shooting 26 episodes [of ‘Braxton Family Values’] this season, and then Vince and I got picked up for 14,” Tamar said.

    In the meantime, Tamar is promoting her new music. While she’s been in the industry for years, Vince said her reality-show presence made this the perfect time for her career to take off.

    “When you’re on TV, you’re in people’s homes. So, ii gives you a different perspective. People really find what you’re about,” he explained. “[Fans] get to see that journey and if it’s good music, people will respond.”

    Watch more of Tamar and Vince below.


    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you agree with Vince about reality TV shows helping music artists? If so, is that a good or a bad thing? Leave your comments below.


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