Tami Roman talks ‘Belle’s’ and ‘Basketball Wives’

    Tami Roman is becoming something of a vixen for her new TV One show "Belle’s."

    The "Basketball Wives" star sat down with PIX 11 to talk about her upcoming series, win which she’s got men thirsty for a little attention. She jokes that it’s not quite the same off the set.

    "Child, that’s TV. It doesn’t happen like that in real life," Tami said with a laugh. "I am so excited about this role. I play a character named Loretta, [whose] primary focus is to be hot and sexy. She’s a primadonna."

    And it seems that Loretta is using her feminine wiles for the good of her family and the bank accounts as part of her professional arsenal. "We run this family restaurant, so she’s responsible for keeping the restaurant popping and making sure we have the upper echelon clientele," Tami explained.

    Between "Belle’s" and "Basketball Wives," one would think that Tami barely has a second to herself, but that’s not so. The reality TV star revealed that she laid out her production schedule so that the jobs don’t come into direct conflict too often.

    "We shot ‘Belles’ so we’re already completed that. We’re waiting for that to air," said Tami, who revealed that "Belle’s" debuts February 1 at 10 p.m. EST on TV One. "We’re waiting on that to air, and in the interim, we’re doing ‘Basketball Wives.’"

    "Basketball Wives" is currently filming, and after last season’s highly controversial shenanigans, the cast has promised that the show will be more "family oriented" when it returns.

    “This time around we decided to show and present more of a balance,” said Tami. "I mean you’re to get the drama, and you’re going to have what we’re known for—everybody not getting along, we have those moments."

    The women on "Basketball Wives" do more than just throw drinks and yell at each other. They have interests outside of clashing with their cast mates, and this should be reflected in the show now.

    "But I think it was important to show me as a mother, to show me as an actress, to show me as a spokesperson, to show me really living my real life," Tami shared. “My life doesn’t revolve around Evelyn [Lozada], Shaunie [O’Neal], and whoever else may be on the show—just like vice versa for them—we wanted to have a little more balance.”

    Is Tami saying that "Basketball Wives" will be totally drama-free? Not exactly. This seasons, it seems like Tami may have a few words with the show’s creator. “I don’t want to give too much away, but I have always been a person that’s gonna speak my mind and say exactly how I feel," Tami dished. "For the first time I actually have a little to say to Miss Shaunie O’Neal, so that’s going to be quite interesting for people to see.”




    —Sonya Eskridge




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