S2S Review: ‘Big Rich Atlanta’

    The Style network took its cameras to the ATL for its new series "Big Rich Atlanta."

    Atlanta is clearly the place to be. With an endless amount of reality shows using it as the backdrop of all drama, it was only a matter of time before Style followed the trend. Details about "Big Rich Atlanta" and its cast were pretty sparse, which only made us want to watch it even more. On the flip side, this didn’t give us any great indication about what to expect from the show. With a fairly untainted palette for the series, see how we really feel about "Big Rich Atlanta"

    What We Liked:
    - They did a good job of setting up the cast of characters from the central trio of twins Harvin and Meye and their mother Virginia.
    - Harvin and Meyer’s named the products in their jewelry line after their personal critics. That’s a nice way to make your haters work for you.
    - Their mom is about business, and she let her babies know that she won’t invest in foolishness.
    - Sabrina is the dancing preacher, and you can tell that she wants to keep the peace on the cast.
    - It was good to see a woman in the ministry .
    -  Q Parker’s daughter Kahdijiha is well-versed in shade.
    - The cast is a little older for the most part than the Texas original, so this should be interesting for the majority of Style viewers.
    - Ashlee is a good example of the phrase "money can’t buy you class."
    - Sabrina quote of the night: "Is forgiveness ok?"
    - Black and yellow = The cast splits up into Black women and blondes.
    - Q Parker didn’t make an appearance in person (he doesn’t need to be in the midst of all the ridiculousness).
    - Harvin and Meyer are always doing more than the most with their hair. The twins rocked major hair poofs to the strip club.
    - Ashlee is the clearly established villain after Kahdijiha was initially framed as the mean girl…producers flipped the script on us!
    - Sharlinda pulled Ashlee’s card  by evaluating that "hurt people hurt people."
    - Kahdijiha had to give Ashlee a class on class.
    - Megan kept it classy when confronted by dealing with her ex, and that had Ashlee shook.
    - For once it wasn’t women of color acting loud and arguing in public.

    What They Need To Work On:
    - Black women were initially framed as difficult and the villains.
    - Ashlee calls herself the Queen of Atlanta. There’s one in every cast.
    - Marcia and Meagan fulfill the cast space cadet requirements (especially Meagan).
    - Who comes to an afternoon party at a country club in a full-length green sequin dress and their own bottle of champagne in hand. Tacky!
    - It’s not cool for your kids to give you a nickname based on your love of liquor.
    - Q Parker didn’t make an appearance in person, and it would have been nice for the show to have the added celebrity pull.
    - Ashlee and the twins went to a strip club like they were going out for a bite to eat. We know that strip clubs are pretty normal in Atlanta, but come on.
    - Why were these women fighting at King of Diamonds?!
    - Meagan is a little too nice and naive when dealing with people like Ashlee.
    - It was pretty trashy for Ashlee to bring her boyfriend to her divorce party and then talk about marrying him.

    Witness the ridicuouslness at the country club below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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