Stars wouldn’t blame Beyoncé for lip-syncing

    Not everyone is upset at the thought of Beyoncé lip-syncing the “Star Spangled Banner” at President Obama’s second inaugural ceremony on Monday. In fact, most stars understand why she did it.

    As a former member of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams stood beside her former group member by saying it has not been the first, nor the last time someone will lip-sync.

    “My greatest singer of all time, Whitney Houston, it came to light that her anthem was in fact lip-synced,” she said.

    She went on to say that it’s a performer’s personal preference to use pre-recorded tracks for live performances.

    “With big crowds and echoes, you know when it’s a big historical moment, you don’t want any room for any mistakes, so I can understand why it was done. It ain’t like the girl went and recorded herself playing guitar and she don’t play guitar, I mean, the girl can flat, flippin’ sing. So I don’t know why in the grand scheme of things that matters,” she said.

    Even Fab Morvan from Milli Vanilli is backing the “Love on Top” songstress by saying she didn’t do anything wrong by lip-syncing, and pointing out the one thing it seems some critics are forgetting to mention…Beyoncé CAN sing.

    “Everyone knows Beyoncé can sing. Everyone should just step back and relax. There are far more important things to worry about. But I can certainly relate to what she’s going through,” he said.

    It seems Bey’s lip-sync secret would have been kept under wraps if it wasn’t for Master Sgt. of the U.S. Marine Band Kristin DuBois, who spilled the beans on Beyoncé’s pre-recording. She allegedly did not have time to rehearse with the band, so to avoid glitches in her performance, she pre-recorded it.

    As a past inaugural singer for the president’s first ceremony, Aretha Franklin may have had the most to say…or not.

    “When I heard the news that she was pre-recorded, I really laughed,” she told ABC News.

    The Queen of Soul belted out “My Country Tis’ of Thee” for the Obamas four years ago, and did her performance completely live.

    “I wanted to give people the real thing and pre-recording never crossed my mind,” she said.

    But even though she performed live, she said she understands why Beyoncé did pre-record.

    “She wanted her performance to be what she wanted to be, and she realized it wasn’t going to be the way she wanted it to be or she was going to be running a risk,” she said.

    Michelle Williams addresses the controversy below.

    —Kimberley Glascoe

    Do you think Beyoncé did lip-sync the song? If she did, does it matter? Leave your comments below.




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