Common wants artists’ art to be true

    Everyone seems to have an opinion about how much responsibility celebrities carry when it comes to influencing their audiences, but rapper Common doesn’t think stars should necessarily be expected to be role models.

    The conscious lyricist and actor said an artist creating true art is what’s most important. So, if booty-shaking in the club and ménage à trois are what you do, be that.
    Check out an excerpt from Common’s January 2013 Q&A below.

    Erica: Does any part of you feel like entertainers should step up more, as far as being role models and being conscious of their young fans? Or what do you talk to your daughter about, as far as how celebrities live their lives?

    Common: Entertainers are people, so if you are a person that’s artistic, sexual, you like partying, you have to be that. You can’t put up a false image for other people. You’re 20 years old. I encourage people to be who they are where they are, so I don’t feel like entertainers should be anything but who they are and create the art that they wanna create. If your mission and purpose is to inspire people and enlighten them, then do that. If your mission and purpose is to entertain, then do that. And do it all well.

    Common talks more about fatherhood, music and acting in the January 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.




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