Kahdijiha Rowe talks ‘Big Rich’ beef

    If last week’s debut episode of the Style Network’s "Big Rich Atlanta" proved anything, it’s that not everything is bigger in Texas.

    The series, which was derived from Style’s original reality hit, "Big Rich Texas," takes drama to the next level as it focuses on the interactions between various mother/daughter tandems in the upper echelons of Atlanta’s social scene. Throw in a vindictive villain (Ashlee Wilson-Hawn), and you’ve got more than enough conflict to keep the viewers coming back for more!

    Kahdijiha Rowe, one of the show’s main characters has learned firsthand that in this group of ladies, drama is as much a part everyday life as food or water.

    As the daughter of Q. Parker of the iconic R&B group 112, Kahdijiha is no stranger to the limelight. But despite a somewhat privileged upbringing this girl has proven that she has no intent of piggybacking off of someone else to make her name.

    "I have an online shoe boutique that I’m launching in 2013 in the spring, called Platform Kotoure, "the 26-year-old entrepreneur told S2Smagazine.com in an exclusive interview, adding, "I want to cater to the everyday woman just to give her something that she can afford while still looking fabulous."

    In addition to launching her own shoe line, Kahdijiha also helps small businesses (including her mother and aunt’s nail salon) around Atlanta strengthen their brand, as a marketing consultant.

    "Some days I wake up and I’m like, ‘How am I going do all of that in a day?’" Kahdijiha admitted. Though she is plenty busy with her businesses as well as her charity "Beyond the Game," she still finds time to maintain an active social life which often includes adventures at the country club where most of the cast members of "Big Rich Atlanta" meet up.

    With fake body parts and even faker smiles infesting the country club like expensive champagne, it becomes immediately clear why Kahdijiha, and her mother Sabrina, are described by their co-stars as "tough nuts to crack."

    "I would say that is probably accurate," Kahdijiha said of the description before clarifying, "It’s not that we’re just tough nuts to crack, it’s like, you’re just not gonna crack us. At the end of the day we love hard but we also have to trust you in order to do that."

    Speaking of those that Kahdijiha (and pretty much the whole cast) doesn’t trust, we meet Ashlee, the shows collagen-infused antagonist, in the first episode. Ashlee wastes no time in making her presence felt, snapping at servers and offering passive aggressive "words of wisdom" as she plans a party to celebrate her divorce.

    During the filming of season 1, Kahdijiha was arrested for felony battery after defending herself against Ashlee, her nemesis in the show. Though the two manage to coexist at least for the first season, Kahdijiha does not mince words when it comes to her conniving cohort.

    "Honestly, the chick is a nutcase," dishes Kahdijiha. "She’s very tacky, very self-absorbed. She doesn’t get that I don’t even have the energy to sit around and talk about you for 2 hours."

    An altercation between the two women will air later in the season, but the building conflict is what makes the show addicting for many.

    Despite an abundance of two-timing and backstabbing, the show also details the close family bond between mothers and daughters and, for Kahdijiha, the show will even cover what it’s like to have one of the more hip fathers on the planet.

    "We attend his album release party, AND he hooks me up on a date!" A slightly incredulous Kahdijiha exclaims.

    "Big Rich Atlanta" airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

    Get more on Kahdijiha below. Watch.

    —Jacob Rohn


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