‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 1.28.13

    Cynthia: “Miss Phaedra always finds a way to lie”

    Model Cynthia Bailey was first discovered while competing in a beauty pageant, so it’s not a huge surprise that she’s interested in hosting one.

    What is a bit surprising is that Cynthia opts not to ask former Miss USA, Kenya Moore, for her input. Cynthia has forgiven Kenya for her display at the Baily Agency JET casting, but she hasn’t forgotten. She’s not too sure Kenya knows how to behave.

    What may be even more surprising is whom Cynthia does choose to turn to for help: Porsha Stewart. Given their track record for putting together fabulous events, some might have thought to call Phaedra Parks or Dwight Eubanks, but Cynthia wants to give “part” of the profit to Porsha’s charity.

    Porsha and Cynthia manage to meet with the pageant expert without bringing up Kenya’s name. That might be a first for Porsha. However, when the ladies meet with Phaedra and Kandi Burruss later, Kenya is once again a topic of conversation.

    Cynthia is a bit uncomfortable as Porsha describes her lunch date with Kenya and Phaedra suggests her soliciting Kenya’s help on the DVD was more of an opportunity for Kenya than it was a matter of necessity for Phaedra.

    Cynthia, who doesn’t think people should be talking about Kenya when she’s not there to defend herself, declares that she’s neutral when it comes to the woman the cast seems to love to hate.

    Although Cynthia is neutral, she seems to be leaning more toward Team Kenya and has her doubts about Phaedra.

    “Miss Phaedra always finds a way to lie,” said Cynthia recalling the infamous butt-dial incident.

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    Kandi: “Clearly, they’re not your friend”

    Kandi Burruss served as the voice of reason to new friend Porsha Stewart who offered to sing at Cynthia Bailey’s upcoming pageant.

    “I would describe my singing voice as Mary J. Blige, Beyoncé mixed and a little bit of Rihanna…” said Porsha who almost gave viewers an earful, but was interrupted by loud music pumping through the speakers.

    “Everybody in Atlanta thinks that they’re a singer. It’s not true,” said the “Kandi Factory” star.

    That’s not the only pearl of wisdom Kandi had to offer, she also questioned why Porsha entertained Kenya Moore’s invitation to lunch when the two obviously don’t get along.

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