‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 1.28.13

    Kenya: “Your body looks like $h!t”
    Kenya Moore is prepping for her own DVD release, and she hit the gym to make sure she was in shape to encourage and motivate those who might invest in her workout regimen.

    “People want to look like a beauty queen, not a donkey,” said Kenya. “It takes a lot of hard work to have this body.”

    Kenya’s bothered by her strained relationship with former friend Phaedra Parks, and while Porsha Stewart doesn’t want to hear it, Miss Lawrence does.

    The hairstylist encourages Kenya to confront Phaedra, who’s suggested that Kenya has a drinking problem and might even suffer from bipolar disorder.

    During NeNe Leakes’ Shoedazzle unveiling, Kenya shows up copying Phaedra once again. Instead of copying an idea, Kenya copies Phaedra’s outfit in Anguilla. Complete with wide-brimmed white hat and black netted coverall, Kenya imitates Phaedra’s southern charm and unforgettable wardrobe choice.

    Kandi comes to Phaedra’s defense, while everyone else simply enjoys the show.

    When NeNe asks for an explanation, Kenya takes the opportunity to speak her mind to Phaedra.

    “Shame on you, Phaedra,” said Kenya.

    Phaedra didn’t backpedal, though. She reiterated what she previously said to Porsha and Cynthia Bailey about Kenya’s alleged substance dependency and mental health.

    Kenya chastised Phaedra for saying things that she knew to be untrue, and, according to Kenya, if Phaedra did think Kenya had serious issues, she should have kept her suspicions to herself.

    As an example of things she should keep to herself, Kenya shared a few thoughts on Phaedra’s physique.

    “I don’t think you should be doing a workout video because your body’s not there,” she said. “Your body looks like $h!t, and you shouldn’t be doing a workout video.”


    While Kenya may have gotten her point across, she didn’t do much to dispel the gossip that she may be a little on the crazy side.

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