Deelishis: ‘He has been with other women’

    Not since Lisa “LeftEye” Lopes has any one person appeared in the pages of Sister 2 Sister as often as London “Deelishis” Gordon has. 

    S2S followed her adventures with Flavor Flav. Then covered her marriage to Orlando Gordon. Her pregnant tummy was even on one cover. Now, she’s dealing with another big turn in her life.

    Pick up the February 2013 issue for the details, and get a peek here.


    Jamie: They were saying you were with Drake or somebody.
    Deelishis: Drake and I are just friends, and that’s the extent of that. Drake is a very talented young man, and he’s wise beyond his years, mom. He’s talented, but no. That’s not my boyfriend; he’s a good friend. He’s so successful, and he’s so fine, so they’re going to say that because he’s so attractive [laughs]. That’s what I have to be careful of, too: anybody that I’m close to…I’m obviously seeing them because I’m no longer with Orlando.

    Jamie: How would you feel if Orlando was with someone else?
    Deelishis: Well, that’s the reality of it. He has been with other women!

    Get more from Deelishis in the February 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


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