‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 1.29.13

    Meet me halfway

    Consequence took Jen to see his spiritual leader, Charles Aziz Bilal, in an attempt to get her to see things his  way as a Muslim man. What Cons did not expect is that the imam would encourage him to loosen up a little on his position and compromise with Jen. In fact, Charles thinks that Cons is being too rigid.

    Jen doesn’t want to completely disregard their son’s Muslim heritage, but she would like to him to grow up with some of her traditions as a Christian, too. Specifically, she’d like him to be able to enjoy Christmas festitivies.

    Ultimately, Charles suggested that Cons and Jen get married to reach a middle ground on how to raise their baby. And the imam made it clear that he did not agree with Jen and Cons’ decision to have a baby out of wedlock, stating that they got intimate prematurly.


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