‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 1.29.13


    After all the drama with Consequence about how to raise their baby, Jen wanted a girls night out. Raqi provided her the perfect opportunity to unwind at a club where she djs.

    While Jen was enjoying the music, she spotted Raqi’s nemesis Tahiry, who was conveniently hanging out at the same establishment with her friend Rahshidah Ali. Thing were cool until Raqi took a break to come sit with Jen only to find her new friend having a kiki with Tahiry.

    Tahiry might be in the business of being pretty, but she’s not afraid to throwdown when things get ugly. Though there was loud talk of throwing drinks (and clocking "p*ssy miles"), Raqi left before the situation got too nasty.

    If Jen was still in the business of hip-hop gossip, she was sitting right in the middle of a juicy scoop!


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