Mom loses all four children to gun violence


    It’s every mother’s fear. That phone call letting you know that your child won’t be coming home anymore.

    For mother and long-time resident of Chicago’s Cabrini Green housing development, Shirley Chambers, it is a chilling reality she is now facing for the fourth time.

    Shirley’s last living son, Ronnie Chambers, was one of the seven recent shooting deaths that, along with six injuries, made national headlines spotlighting Chicago’s alarming crime rate.

    Ronnie died from a gunshot wound to the head suffered while he was in a parked van on Mozart Street, according to CBS News.

    Shirley’s oldest son Carlos Chambers was killed in 1995 after a dispute with another teenager when he was 18.

    Her only daughter LaToya Chambers was killed in 2000 as a bystander when her boyfriend got into a heated exchange with another man inside the lobby of a Cabrini Green high rise. She was 15.

    Just months after LaToya’s death, Shirley’s son, Jerome Chambers, 23, was killed when a van pulled up while he was in a phone booth and its occupants opened fire.

    Ronnie had recently appeared on "The Ricki Lake Show" as a self-proclaimed former gang member who was trying to turn his life around, according to

    The city of Chicago continues to experience a high number of gun related crimes, with the gun-related death toll reaching 50 since the Newtown, CT tragedy in December.

    More recently, it was announced that Chicago’s death toll in the last decade has surpassed that of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

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    —Jacob Rohn


    What can be done to curb gun violence in Chicago and other major cities? Are Barack Obama’s recent executive orders enough? Leave your comments below.

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