S2S Review: ‘Starter Wives Confidential’

    The ladies of "Starter Wives Confidential" began telling their story last night on TLC. Watch the first episode and get our review!

    Liza Morales made news when it was revealed that she’d be featured on a show about the women whose love lives were a casualty of the limelight. Adding a little more intrigue to the show was DMX’s estranged wife Tasheera Simmons.

    Like a mashup of "Love & Hip Hop," "Basketball Wives" and "Mob Wives," this show talks about what happens when romance and fame collide. But would this show be more about name calling, drinking throwing and cat fights like it’s reality TV contemporaries?

    What We Love:
    - This show brings women together from different arenas.
    - These ladies are connected in some pretty unexpected ways.
    - Each segment comes with a defining quote.
    - The title of the first episode was "Let Go Or Get Dragged."
    - Liza Morales broke down precisely why she no interest in dating Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband Kris Humphries. But he would be an interesting guest star (hook it up, TLC!)
    - Tashera Simmons clarified the status of her relationship with DMX.
    - Tashera is styled much better than we’ve seen her in years.
    - Producers used Tashera’s cover of Sister 2 Sister!
    - Shaniqua got to explain why she doesn’t get to be as big a part of the show as she would like.
    - Liza opened up about why her relationship Lamar Odom ended, and where they stand as parents now.
    - Zakia’s ponytail is cute, and we may have to snag that look at some point this year.
    - Josie is a ride-or-die friend, but she’s got a big mouth.
    - Monica has her own success outside of her estranged husband Funk Master Flex
    - Tashera warned Zakia about Monica inviting Lil Kim to her party, whe Monica seemingly wasn’t concerned about a potential ambush of drama.
    - The friendships between these ladies seem to be pretty genuine.
    - Zakia recovered from her tumble down the stairs very nicely.
    - None of the ladies took anything away from their exes when it comes to fatherhood.

    What They Need To Work On:
    - Liza and Tasheera don’t seem to be as big a part of the show as previously touted.
    - No one needed to know that Zakia touched herself.
    - 50 Cent put a gag order on his ex-love Shaniqua.
    - Zakia’s facial expressions are so extra.
    - Monica was a little insensitive about the drama between Lil Kim and Zakia.
    - Josie Harris doesn’t seem to have let go of her babydaddy Floyd Mayweather, even though they had a very unhealthy relationship and he’s engaged to someone else.  
    - That fur vest Monica was wearing at the first meetup was a little much.
    - It’s one thing to still be hurt over a relationship, but some these women seem bitter.
    - Josie said she’s dating around because she’s not clear on the future of her family, but she seems to be banking on Floyd coming back to her.
    - Zakia came to Monica’s party with the intention to start a confrontation.
    - Tashera’s plan to curtail any potential drama backfired .
    - Josie kept the fight going after Zakia walked out.

    —Sonya Eskridge




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