Is Kandi Burruss’ ring a fake?

    One diamond expert said Kandi Burruss’ engagement ring might not be the genuine article.

    Kandi and her fiancé Todd Tucker have been accused of fronting for the cameras with the bling he gave her when he popped the question on New Year’s Day. Us Weekly reports that it’s a two-carat ring designed by Gregg Ruth and shipped in from Las Vegas.

    But diamond industry veteran Ira Weissman debunked the report in an article for The Huffington Post. "At first glance, the ring looks like a stunning (and HUGE!) two-carat oval diamond," he wrote. "But at closer inspection, this is clearly not what we’re dealing with here."

    He added that, in his "professional" opinion, the quality (and price) of the ring should be pretty high for a ring designed by Gregg Ruth. He estimates that the value of the ring should easily be valued at at least $40,000.

    The designer’s website has the exact same ring and "the MSRP listed there is about $11,000," Ira stated. Neither Kandi, Todd, nor the publication ever stated how much Todd paid for Kandi’s ring, so the point of his estimate is unclear.

    "US Magazine is perhaps deliberately misleading us. The ring is not a ‘two-carat diamond sparkler’—it is a two-carat total weight diamond sparkler,"  Ira concluded. "The face of her ring, which is in the shape of an oval, is filled with much smaller round diamonds that when clustered together, give the illusion of a much larger diamond."

    While Ira doesn’t fault Kandi and Todd for finding an economical way to get a gorgeous ring, he doesn’t like "that she has tried to hide this fact."

    He concluded, "She had a great opportunity to make a difference by explaining what her ring was really all about and telling the world she didn’t care—that this ring made her extremely happy because of how much her man loves her, not because of how much he spent on it."

    While Kandi hasn’t commented on Ira’s accusations, she still has a lovely ring. Get a closer look at Kandi’s rock when you flip through the Daily Buzz 1.17.13 below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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