Kerry Washington likes ‘Scandal’ imperfections

    Kerry Washington said that some of the beauty of "Scandal" is that none of its characters are perfect.

    Stat Jones may not care of Olivia Pope’s life choices, but Kerry told the ladies of "The View" that her imperfections (and those of the other characters) are what make the show so incredible. The series star noted that the cast never knows what’s coming from week to week, so the actors almost get to experience the show like the audience does.

    And Kerry believes that a big part of the intrigue for "Scandal" comes from the fact that the characters are so well balanced. "None of these characters are perfect. None of us as actors are drawn to playing perfect people," said Kerry.

    If "Scandal" was filled with characters that were so obviously and rigidly good or evil, Kerry doesn’t feel that the hit drama would be a good reflection of reality.

    "People are complicated. People are messy—and our characters on the show, you never know who to trust. Who to believe," Kerry said. "You never know who’s good, who’s bad. And that’s real. That’s real life. That’s the fun stuff for us as actors."

    And for people, like Star, want to know why Olivia as a character would go for a married man, Shonda simply tweeted, "Because this show is not a fairy tale & Olivia is not a role model," Shonda tweeted.

    She added, "I am glad you are watching & that you have strong opinions. I hope these are topics people debate about."

    See what Star had to say about the show and Olivia’s decisions in love when you flip through Daily Buzz 1.31.13 below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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