Beyoncé gives Kenya Moore props?

    Porsha Stewart may think Kenya Moore is irrelevant, but Beyoncé recently gave the former Miss USA some props.

    After giving her fans exactly what they wanted during her Super Bowl performance Sunday, “Inside Edition” reporters asked Mrs. Carter how she felt about the show.

    “It was fierce, honey,” she responded. “Gone with the wind fabulous.”

    The phrase was first uttered by Kenya on an episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” after a verbal disagreement with Porsha. Kenya later explained that she considered it a shout-out to the sisters who paved the way.

    “In my eyes, Hattie McDaniel is a shero,” wrote Kenya about the Gone With the Wind actress in a Bravo blog not long after she introduced the phrase.

    “I too can defy the odds just like Hattie. I am bold. I am humble. I am strong. I am complicated. I am complex. I am vulnerable. I am resilient. I am good. I am honest —That’s what makes me fabulous,” said Kenya who blogged about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl show for

    “It’s quite possible that the biggest draw of the night was not the Ravens or the 49ers but the half time show featuring my twin …  otherwise known as Beyoncé!” wrote Kenya.

    “We heart Beyoncé because she is fabulous, honey. Beyoncé will forever be ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous!” she concluded.

    Although Beyoncé made reference to Kenya’s GWTW phrase, she didn’t address Kenya’s claims that strangers often mistake her for Bey.

    “Every day somebody thinks I’m Beyoncé,” said Kenya on the show. Not everyone found that believable.

    See tweets from the Bravo family below.

    Watch J.Hud, Beyonce and more celebs below.


    —Tracy L. Scott


    Was Bey giving Kenya props or throwing a little shade? Leave your comments below.

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