Frank Ocean’s producer details Chris Brown brawl

    The drama continues to unfold with Chris Brown’s latest incident involving Frank Ocean.

    According to E! News, authorities are closing their investigation into the infamous fight including the two singers in January. They also do not plan to seek any charges.

    It was confirmed by one of Frank’s producers that the fight was indeed over a parking spot and was initiated by Chris. According to, the producer said that he, Frank and a man named Chito arrived at Westlake studios and saw an orange Lamborghini parked in a space labeled specifically for Frank.

    He includes some of the details from the fight in his blog, stating, "When Frank said, ‘You parked in my spot, move,’ one of Chris’ friends attacked Chito." After the attack on Chito, Mike claimed, "Instantly Chris and the other dude grab [Frank] and try to jump him. There’s no doubt in my mind the whole thing was a set up." This happened after Frank and his people asked the studio’s front desk to move the car. Ten minutes later, Chris came out with two men.

    As a result, Frank suffered a cut to his hand after Chris and his friend pushed him into a "big fake candle display laced with glass." Chris was also spotted wearing a cast on his hand.

    A Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said a misdemeanor battery charge is unlikely for the "Don’t Judge Me" singer, who is still on probation from his 2009 quarrel with pop-star ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Authorities plan on speaking to Frank before closing the case.

    While that sounds like good news, it is not over yet. Basketball player Tony Parker is now using Chris’ incidents as his secret weapon in his $20 million-dollar lawsuit against W.i.P. nightclub in New York. reports that Tony is stressing to the court that W.i.P. should not have allowed Brown into the club last summer. Back in June, Chris and his camp were involved in a fight with Drake and his people. Supposedly the brawl started over Rihanna, and Tony was caught in the crossfire and his cornea was pierced by glass.

    The NBA player is using legal documents from the parking lot fiasco to claim Chris is unfit to socialize in places where he’s likely to “fly off the handle.” Tony also references Chris’ incident with Rihanna in the documents as well.

    Frank has been a little more forgiving, and he revealed that he does not intend to press charges. Read more on Frank’s decision when you flip through Daily Buzz 2.4.13 below!


    —Taylor Johnson




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