Jen The Pen denies being racist

    Jen "The Pen" Bayer is denying accusations that she’s racist after last night’s "Love & Hip Hop."

    Jen really struck a nerve when she shouted that she’d have an easier time getting on radio because "I’m White." Not only did Jen pull the race card, many viewers felt she flagrantly pulled the White privilege card. Still others on Twitter  outright called Jen racist, a designation that the VH1 reality star vehemently denied.

    "Racist is the last thing I could EVER be. But being called an ‘entitled HONKY’ on national is okay?" Jen tweeted in the minutes after her controversial comments were broadcast. "Please be clear anything regarding race was heat on the moment, the devil will bring out the worst in you."

    Jen’s babydaddy Consequence even came to her defense, blaming Raqi Thunda for getting Jen so mad in the first place. "Jen is NOT a Racist," he stated. "The hoe made her MAD n she defended herself in a racially insensitive manner. I wasn’t there n we are arguing about it."

    "THIS B!*CH JEN SAID SHE WILL GET THAT JOB BEFORE ME CAUSE SHE WHITE!!!! YALL KEEP BOWING DOWN TO THESE FRAUDS," Raqi tweeted, reminded everyone about the gist of Jen’s racial statement.

    After Jen’s attempts to explain her poor choice of words, Raqi simply stated today,  "Back Peddling … The New Keeping It Real."

    However, Raqi still had a bone to pick with the rest of the cast’s assumptions that she sleeps around. It was because of her reputation that Hot 97 executive Ebro Darden warned her not to get too fresh with her guests before he gave them audition for the station’s website. During the trials show Raqi and Vado got a little flirty, and Jen made it know that she was not cool with their "studio date."

    With Jen’s offense fresh in her mind, Raqi blasted her for doing the exact same thing she was accused of doing during their interview with Vado. "Sorry Jen Since you Lack Personality YOU Ended Up on A Studio Date and Ended Up with Your Wack @ss Rapper Doesnt Mean Everybody With It," Raqi claimed.

    She added, "Honestly was heated with the editing of last nights show but after watching The Cons Joe Clip I’m Elated The Real Hoe Has Been Revealed!"

    Check out the cast of this season’s "Love & Hip Hop" in the slideshow below!


    —Sonya Eskridge




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