‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 2.5.13

    Jen "The Pen" Bayer pulled the race card while arguing with Raqi Thunda on the latest episode of "Love &  Hip Hop."

    "The Raqi & Jen Show"

    Raqi Thunda and Jen The Pen tried to bring a little girl power to the digital branch of Hot97. After working hard to convince the stations programming director Ebro Darden that they would add a much-needed voice to Hot97, the ladies finally had their shot.

    It would have been a good idea for the girls to have had a little conversation about how they planned to structure the show. They seemed to be on two totally different pages about how to conduct themselves and how their banter with guests should flow.

    What Raqi saw as just having a little fun with the guests, Jen thought was crossing the line that Ebro told them to avoid. Specifically, Ebro did not want Raqi and Jen getting too frisky with their male guests.

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