‘Love & Hip Hop’ recap: 2.5.13

    Tahiry tries to recruit Joe Budden

    A lot of women have that one ex in their life that never really seems to go away. In her song "Devil," Tahiry is having her say about the five-year relationship she had with Joe Budden that still kinda-sorta seems to be going on.

    Not only is the song "inspired by true events," Tahiry thinks it would be kind of hot if Joe jumped on the track and added a verse of his own. Joe is a little hesitant about adding something to song, but he acknowledged that he’s got plenty of songs inspired by Tahiry.

    While he’s considering his ex’s offer, he decided to invite Tahiry to one of his shows. Her only misgiving about it is the prospect of running into Joe’s girlfriend at his concert.  With as much time as Joe and Tahiry spend together it’s easy for viewers to forget that he’s got a girlfriend. But he does have a girlfriend. 


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