Toni Braxton still adjusting to reality TV

    Although “Braxton Family Values” is gearing up for season 3, Toni Braxton said she’s still getting used to sharing her life with fans.

    “You have to tell so much about your personal life. My generation…we were taught to be aloof. You don’t want to tell your business. Keep the mystique. Now, it’s like tell everything,” said Toni who listed Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as her counterparts who were given similar advice.

    According to Toni, the entertainment industry has changed.

    “Ten or 15 years ago, models used to be on magazine covers. Now, it’s reality stars,” Toni told The Huffington Post. “It’s just changed. It’s about telling your life and being comfortable; although, I’m not there yet.”

    While viewers get to watch Toni’s real life unfold on “BFV,” she said her upcoming Lifetime movie, “Twist of Faith,” is an example of what her life would have been like without the fame and successful career.

    “Nina [Yarber] is who I would have been if I wasn’t Toni Braxton, the singer. I sang on the choir. I went to college to be a teacher,” Toni told “Access Hollywood,” drawing similarities between Nina and herself. “Everything is what I would have been had my moment not happened.”

    Like Toni, her character grows up in a strict Christian household. “We alluded that she’s a [preacher’s kid],” said Toni who described Nina as her alter ego. “It’s my life.”

    In the made-for-TV movie, airing Saturday at 9 p.m. EST, Toni plays a single, Christian woman who meets a Jewish cantor who recently lost his family. The music and emotions ensue, leading to love.

    For Toni, her TV kiss was challenging and not much like the real thing.

    “Kissing is odd, and it’s not as comfortable as you think,” she said. “It’s choreographed.”

    It doesn’t help things that Toni isn’t getting much lip-locking practice lately. The divorced singer disclosed that she’s not dating anyone seriously right now.

    “I gotta get back on that horse again,” she said.

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    See photos of Toni, Brandy, Monica and more R&B divas who’ve done reality.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you agree with Toni that the entertainment industry has changed? Do stars have to share their lives with fans to be successful? Leave your comments below.

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