Chris Brown goes off on Instagram?

    Chris Brown may finally have had enough now that allegations he violated the terms of his probation have surfaced. Although things may have ended well with his involvement in the Frank Ocean fiasco, Chris has not caught a break.

    News broke Tuesday saying that the “Look At Me Now” singer may have lied about his probation."I’m wise, I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!!,” he supposedly stated during a lengthy post Instagram. Chris took to the social network in response to the latest chapter in his eventful life.

    The Los Angeles County District Attorney has filed legal documents claiming that Chris has violated his probation by submitting false community service records in connection with the battery case with Rihanna.

    According to, the Richmond Virginia Chief of Police, who is allegedly Chris’ friend, wrote a letter to the judge on September 14 that claimed the singer had completed 202 days of community service.  Chris was only required to perform 180 days. But,  Chris has been accused of taking vacations and performing in concerts  during the time he was  supposed to have been be completing service.

    The police chief also included documents showing that Chris volunteered frequently at Tappahannock Children’s Center and did jobs such as washing windows and waxing floors. Chris’s mother was once a director there.

    The detective, who was assigned to supervise Chris at the children’s center was dismissed. Instead, his mother handled all of the paperwork documenting the dates and times that he completed his service.

    According to, Chris’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, instructed the lawyer for the Richmond Police Department on “how to handle” the D. A. Investigator’s questions about Chris’ community service.

    Mark claims that he put in a court order to have Chris’ service be removed from under the probation department and given to the police chief. But, the court order does not exist.

    The new allegations cropped up when the judge became suspicious about the documents that were filed. The D. A. began investigating and found no "credible, competent or verifiable evidence" that the singer did the 180 days community service that he was required to do. The D.A. calls the documentation "at best sloppy … and at worst fraudulent reporting."

    Chris’s lawyer has responded as well, telling The Los Angeles Times that "apparently the district attorney’s office has completely lost their minds." He also added that the D.A. “should be embarrassed” to suggest that Chris did not complete what was detailed in the reports that were signed off by Virginia authorities.



    —Taylor Johnson




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