Eve denies pregnancy

    Eve and her millionaire British beau are not having a baby right now, but she’d like to start a family some day.

    When Ever dropped by Power 105.1 to chat with "The Breakfast Club," the crew noted that the rapper was looking phenomenal. Some may have wondered if it was the glow of motherhood, but Eve credits her well-maintained looks to a somewhat balanced diet.

    Eve admits that she likes to eat a lot of food that’s bad for her, but she downs three bottles of a green drink that’s made of cucmbers, romaine lettuce, spinach and celery each day. 

    Before getting to the chatter about her long-awaited album Lip Lock, Eve had to set the record straight about a rumor that she’s expecting. "I’m not pregnant," she said. "I’m not pregnant yet, hopefully soon… Knock on wood. Maybe one day soon."

    The rapper acknowledged that she keeps a relatively small circle of friends, so any report stating that gossip about a baby on the way came from her camp is pure fiction. But she hasn’t ruled out being a mom some day. "I want babies," Eve admitted, dismissing the notion that her life will be over once she has a little one. "It will never hold you back. To me that’s the ultimate blessing. I’ve been blessed, but that’s the ultimate."

    For now, though, all plans to start a family are on hold as Eve makes her comeback to the music scene. Before Eve dropped "She Bad Bad" in late 2012, it had been years since she’d put out a new track of her own.

    What was the hold up about? "I’ve been wanting to come back, it’s just that the situation hasn’t been right," Eve explained. "Meaning my situation as far as label stuff, management, lawyers… Literally the whole situation."

    During her hiatus from the mic, Eve has seen how hip-hop has changed its attitude towards female lyricists. She’s excited for what that could mean for her music. "I have to say, when I came out I think music was one way. You were in a box. You were a female rapper. You had to rap a certain way. Especially coming from where I came from with Ruff Ryders," Eve recalled.

    She continued, "I think now music is more exciting, you can experiment, and that’s what’s exciting to me as [an] artist."

    All that said, Eve wishes that women in the game would embrace a little more girl power because she feels that hip-hop is already an old boy’s club. There may be beefs in the game, but for the most part she notices that male artitsts are a lot more willing to collaborate than female rappers are.

    "These dudes work together all the time making hot records," she said. "If girls just did that and had that same mentality [that] it’s not just about one and the girls that are popping we make a record together—do you know the movement?"




    —Sonya Eskridge




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