Love inspired Donell’s R&B return

    For those die-hard music fans who thought real R&B was gone, think again. R&B vet Donell Jones is making a serious comeback and bringing a familiar sound with him.

    After a three year hiatus, it seems the “Where I Wanna Be” crooner finally knows, and not a minute too soon. He’s hitting the scene with his new single “Forever,” which is sure to be the new go-to wedding song.

    In the track he sings, “They say a man ain’t supposed to cry / But I’m crying out to you / ’Cause I see me with you for the rest of my life / Nothing I would rather do than to be here forever.”

    He said that he wrote the song strictly for love, but a very special someone, whom he calls his “22,” also had a hand in inspiring him to pen those lyrics.

    “I met somebody special about seven years ago. It took me a while, [but] I feel like she’s the one…It was what I was feeling at the time, and what I’m feeling right now,” he told S2S in an interview.

    According to Donell, today’s R&B is missing love and songs from the heart.

    “I think the artists’ storytelling is totally missing in R&B today. [It’s] computer driven; there’s no sense of live instruments in the music. I think everybody in the music business on the radio right now can sing, but it’s different,” he said.

    He said he’s able to make his audience feel him through his music because he’s actually been through what he sings about.

    “If you didn’t actually go through what you’re singing, how can you feel it,” he said.

    Donell reassured fans that good music is right around the corner, because he’s got a new album, which is also titled Forever, in the works that is set to be released in May.

    “Every time I make an album, I try to make good music. When you go in and do it that way, good things come out,” he said.

    Listen to Donell’s "Forever" below.

    —Kimberley Glascoe


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