‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 2.11.13

    Porsha: “Kordell loves to dress me. I’m his Barbie doll”

    Porsha Stewart is busy planning a Harlem Nights/Harlem Renaissance/casino-themed 40th birthday for hubby Kordell Stewart. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t had time to tend to Cynthia Bailey’s requests.

    While she’s trying on gowns, visiting venues and trying to calm a screaming baby, Cynthia is wondering why Porsha isn’t helping with the beauty pageant as much as she expected.

    When she senses a bit of attitude from Cynthia and her Bailey Boys, Porsha turns to Kordell for advice, and he tells Porsha to check Cynthia quick.

    That’s not exactly what happens when Porsha and Cynthia meet for lunch, and Cynthia all but fires her co-star.

    “Cynthia is supposed to be cool with me. I’m shocked,” said Porsha, realizing that she didn’t get a chance to "check" Cynthia as instructed. “I have to go back and face my husband.”

    When the ladies meet later on at Kordell’s party, there’s some awkwardness, so Kordell broaches the subject with Cynthia. While she can appreciate Kordell wanting the issue resolved, Cynthia is wondering why this grown man is injecting himself into the drama.

    However, there’s no harm done, and both women say they’ve move passed their issues; although, Porsha said she won’t forget how Cynthia made her fee.

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