‘RHOA’ season 5 recap: 2.11.13

    Kenya: “I felt blessed”

    Kenya Moore admits that she hasn’t been taking the best care of herself. With her relationship with Walter over, and her friendship with Phaedra Parks as spoiled as a year-old Georgia peach, Kenya has had a lot to deal with…and let’s not forget that biological clock that’s still ticking.


    Unfortunately for Kenya, all that emotional trauma may have manifested itself in the physical. After a mammogram, the former Miss USA finds out she has two lumps in her breast.

    Kenya doesn’t have any “RHOA” co-stars to turn to, but her aunt is there to see her through. After enduring a painful biopsy, Kenya braces herself for the news.

    “It’s hard to imagine that anything else could go wrong in my life right now,” she said.

    Luckily for fans and Kenya, the questionable growths are benign. However, her doctor wants to keep an eye on them.

    For Kenya, the entire experience left her grateful and with a new perspective.

    “I’m tired of all the drama. I’m tired of things that don’t even matter,” she said.

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